Our neurology office provides consultation services, evaluations, diagnosis and treatments for patients with a broad spectrum of disorders affecting the nervous system:

  • The brain and spinal cord

  • The cranial nerves connected to the eyes, face, ears, nose and throat

  • The peripheral nerves which supply the arms and legs

  • The muscles of the body

  • The autonomic nerves which control the internal organs including the blood vessels and sweat glands

As we're neurologists who have experience on different diseases are committed to provide specialized care with a generalist perspective, ensuring an innovative, effective and personalized approach, and diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of neurological conditions.

Patients with any neurologic problem, uncertain about their neurological condition, experiencing neurological symptoms or needing a neurological evaluation may receive care in our office without doubt.

Our Neurologists are experienced Botulinum Toxin injectors specifically for;

  • Migraine

  • Movement Disorder

  • Spasticity 

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